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About Me



From podcasts to the stage to the screen, I am passionate about acting in all forms, including theatre, film, tv, voice acting, and creative projects.  I have worked with Finyal Media, Enderby Entertainment, the Backstage theatre group, H72 Productions, the Alex Broun Company, 39 Shots, Constellation, Inspire Productions, Theatrics, the New York Film Academy (UAE) along with emerging independent film directors in the UAE.  

Upcoming Roles and Projects


In 2024, I co-produced and starred in Torn, a play written and directed by Alex Broun.

In 2024, Dalma was released in cinemas accross the UAE.


Also in 2024, I am back at the Howard Fine Studio working on my craft.



In 2023, Dalma had its world premiere at the Red Sea Film Festival and in 2024 won the Jury Award at the Al Ain Film Festival.

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